• Une interview de Kiefer Sutherland à un magazine français

    Thanks to Joshua for this article.

    Pour voir l'article en grand télécharger le !


    English translation:


    Nothing new: the title is My life after Jack Bauer”

     He speaks of Touch, what he likes in his new series "The relationship between my character and his son Martin, and the fact that he’s different from Jack Bauer, while Martin too is running out of time"

    He then speaks about what he does when he's not on set: "I ​​play music, especially in the evening to help me to sleep, I spend time with my youngest daughter Sarah and my second grandson"

    About the 24 feature film (nothing news too !)

    "Last year, we had a script we were very satisfied about, then we realized we had a very short timeframe left to put all together: to find the actors and the director we wanted. We had finally to postpone the shooting. For 6 years I've been saying this movie is going to happen, if it doesn't it won't be my fault" 

    And what about love? 

    "I date a musician, Marnie Herald, she’s awesome,"

    Does he want another child? "No there is no plan for a little Kiefer, I raised two wonderful daughters, I have 2 grandsons, I'm delighted"

    The article states that Kiefer is working on a movie project with his father Donald and that he speaks a little French "but not as well as my father"

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